Real Privacy

What you search for is your own business and we’d like to keep it that way. That’s why we don’t collect any personal information and therefore, have none to share.



Our search engine is more than just servers and an algorithm. Our community directly contributes to Daop. Get involved in changing the future of search.


Unique system

We have a unique system, where everyone can contribute, by entering data into the system, it means that the daop system will continue to grow, because everyone can help to enter data into the system, so that the search system can enable a better database, where everyone can Provide data information, which will not necessarily appear in other search systems



Because we appreciate everyone who contributes to the system, including your hard work. Then with this, the system daop, give reward, a commission system, if each of you upload information, or files needed by the public and where because the file people register into a premium member, our system (daop) will provide cash commissions, your contribution Will be paid cash by the system, and the money will be transferred to your account


Smarter Search

it’s our goal to get you where you want to go in fewer clicks. We do that through instant answers, themes and !bangs. We have everything you’d expect and a whole lot more.