Anyone can advertise on the Daop search engine,  you can donate to daop. Then you can get advertisement service at daop website.

Any of you who donate by advertising, can do by paying automatically with the available payment methods such as credit card, paypal, bank transfer, bitcoin or other. 

Every confirmed advertisement donation payment, 

advertisement that you write During an advertising payment, will automatically appear on daop website.

Some types of ads that you can get are:

1. Classified ads that will appear on the search page, to get this classified ad, you have to donate advertising payments at this link: (here)


Listed is the appropriate advertising value you need, you can donate to pay according to the needs of your ads. Ads that will appear is according to your keyword desire, you will be prompted to enter the keyword of the appearance of your ad

2. Ads appearing as banners, which appear on the front page of website, with banner size 912 x 250 px. If your banner ads want to appear on the front page daop website. You have to pay Rp.540.000 per month (or 40 usd / month)


By advertise on daop website, you automatically donate, and help daop website continues to grow, and you will also get service, where your ad will be seen by millions of people user website daop