Join our team!

DAOP is an international community of extraordinary individuals, coming together on a mission to build the world's most trusted search engine. We strive to make a great product while at the same time truly respecting the people that use it.

We embrace diverse perspectives, and seek out passionate, self-motivated people, committed to our shared vision of raising the standard of trust online. We all personally want to work towards a future that we want to exist.

Work Whenever, Wherever

Productivity is different for everyone and we therefore trust our remote team to work wherever, whenever. Our team is located around the world and we use a variety of tools to stay connected.

Make an Impact

We are a small, growing team, working on a search engine used by millions of people worldwide. Whatever you choose to work on at DAOP you will make a difference starting on day one!

Culture of Trust

Our work philosophy is based on a culture of building trust. This translates into empowered project management, transparency at all levels of the organization, and a ton of autonomy.

Other Reasons to Love Working at DAOP
• Flexible work schedule
• Company-wide hack days
• Comprehensive family leave policy
• Co-working reimbursement
• Company and team meetups
• Generous vacation guidelines (our CEO took 5 weeks last year)
• Diverse team with variety of work and educational experiences
• Open participation in company strategy
• US Health Benefits
• Wellness and learning benefits
• "Use good judgement" approach to company policies

The DAOP Hiring Process
We try to exemplify our core values of building trust, questioning assumptions, and validating direction in everything we do, and look for great people who share these values.

Our non-traditional hiring process is no exception. We challenge the idea that hiring should solely be reliant on interviews, and base our decisions on demonstrable work performance. These projects give both you and us the opportunity to validate if there is a good fit by actually working together. We want to give you an opportunity to showcase your abilities, and eventually have you experience what it's really like to work as an equal member of the team you will be joining.

So how does this actually work?

You apply for an open position!
If your application is a good match for the role, you’ll have a virtual chat with the hiring manager.
You get the opportunity to show us your skills through a short, paid project.
If all goes well, your internal contract period begins to see if we both want to make it official.
We are happy to work through the process on a flexible timeline around your schedule and current employment status.