Everyone can contribute directly by utilizing the service of daop. If your website wants

Indexed in the daop main page, you have to submit and indexing data into daop system, 

easy to do,  you can enter the data in the form of links (the goal can even be to make or make simple A complicated website link, and even make it more private),  just giving title and description Search description and even keyword search. You can also enter data in the form of video links, If you want your videos indexed to be on the search daop main page. You can submit / enter Data link video, either video from a video service such as youtube.com/vidio.com or other video services,

By indexing and submitting manually by yourself, allowing both the file and the video can Indexed quickly and directly. Another way to get indexed and appear on the daop search page is by uploading files, You can upload various file types, all kinds of files like tar, zip, rar, doc, even torrent and another Various other file types. 

You can upload the file you want to appear in the search engine daop, and Then set the privacy, where the file can be downloaded by public, or can be downloaded by Member, or even can only be downloaded by you as file owner (where other people can not download it)

This privacy feature you can use when you upload files. You can also use the daop website as a file sharing media and images, you can upload images And spread the links to social media, and even to the forums, Daop file system share or picture Share is equipped with embed link tool, which can facilitate in various file information or picture



When you upload files, you can use various file services in this daop, as a means to earn money. If you have files that are your own, and these files are highly sought and desired by others, such as files in the form of work, such as php script, research documents or other projects, you can upload the file, then you share the file download For member only.

Then if there is someone register (pay into premium member daop system) then download your file, then automatic and surely, there is cash commission from daop that you will receive, and commission will be paid or transferred to your bank account or your paypal account

You can make money by using a daop system